HaiZhong New Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Development Concept
As a pioneer of lithium-ion battery industry in China,
we are devoted to innovating the power battery technique, integrating power battery industrial chain, leading the core production techniques of lithium-ion battery, promoting a healthy development of this industry.



As a new and high technology enterprise,our company are engaged in developing and industrializing of Li-ion battery devices. The products developed by our own are widely used in cars, digital products, photovoltaics and solar power.

New Energy Creating the Future Together

Committed to solve industrial problems through independent technology innovation. Provide customers with a complete set of engineering solutions combining the combination of equipment technology and process technology, mixing, separator making,electrode making, coil making, intelligent manufacturing system into the integrated process of lithium battery front to end whole process.

Location: No. 9, San Xing Road, Niu Shan Foreign Economic Industrial Park,   Dongcheng District, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Prov. China
Contact Us
    For more information, please contact us by email. Please call us if any question, we will be glad to help you.

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